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The construction security

Professional construction team、Professional project managers、Each project is equipped with the project manager1People、The construction supervisor2People、Operate1People、Security officer1People stationed on the project for a long time,Until the project completion。

Technical support

Professional design team、Rich experience in design


All construction personnel safety knowledge training on a regular basis

Quality assurance

Companies to provide professional equipment debugging personnel、To maintain\/repair equipment on a regular basis、Protection of the normal operation of equipment

Security team

Company was set up ten years have done hundreds of projects、A complete organizational structure、Professional management team、Professional design team、Professional construction team、Equipment research and development personnel and after-sales service personnel

After-sale protection

Provide professional debugging equipment sold after installation personnel to guide the operation in the late,All the completed project has a fixed number of year guarantee。

Product center

WeChat public number

The electricity Words: 0851-86829237  

Pass The true: 0851-86829705
Net    Station:www.shehuiyanglao.cn
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The ground The address: Guiyang city high-tech zone bijie58Number The union square 2Building19Layer

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